Barracuda EMail Scanning for Free



Barracuda Email Threat Scanner (ETS) is a free online service that scans all your emails and identifies these dormant threats without any impact on your system’s performance.

Use it to:

  • Find spear phishing, account takeover, business email compromise, impersonation, and other cyber fraud attacks that impersonate trusted senders and are designed to trick employees into clicking on a malicious link, sharing confidential information, or even wiring money to the attacker

  • Prevent domain fraud by identifying domains that are at risk of spoofing and other fraud

  • Identify high-risk employees who are most likely to be targeted by spear phishing and business email compromise attacks

  • Detect email threats that already exist with within your email environment


SCAN Your Mail System Using the Below Link:

Get Personalized Reports on the Threats and Vulnerabilities available in the Your Email System.



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Sonicwall Capture ATP Service

SonicWALL Capture ATP service stops unknown, zero-day attacks such as ransomware at the gateway with automated remediation. This cloud-based multi-engine sandbox analyzes suspicious code to help discover and block newly developed malware from entering your network.

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No Cost on Installation of the Firewalls purchased till 31st July 2019.


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