How To Connect To NetGear Ready NAS

The Ready NAS Desktop Series packs industry-first innovation and unmatched ease-of-use into top-end storage with Unlimited snapshots,Thin provisioning,Cloud-managed replication,Real-time Anti-Virus and Encryption. In short, ReadyNAS lets you do more with your business data than you ever thought you could afford.

How do I connect to Ready NAS ?

                       >RAIDar is used to discover NETGEAR.

                       >Default Username/Password : admin/password

                       >Follow the prompts of the setup wizard that launches.

                       >The Ready NAS data available only inside office network selecting this                              setup mode takes you directly to the local admin page for your Ready                                       NAS.



Team Viewer Remote Desktop Connection

Team Viewer, is an all-in-one solution for remote support, remote access, and online meetings which allows you to assist customers remotely, work with colleagues from a distance and also stay connected with your own devices or assist friends and family members.

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